The beginning riffs seem to wander a bit aimlessly but I guess that gives it an eerie, dark feel in the intro .

Bars 17 - 18 needs some sort of transition - I feel the change in tempo and into compound time seems too sudden.

I'm liking the riff starting at bar 21 as it ups the pace and has a strange latin (or spanish?) sound behind it . Don't repeat that lead section here, just make it a small solo as I liked the sound of it (29 - 30 esp. ).

I'd just continue with it if I were you but I find it hard to comment on pieces that aren't entirely finished; for some reason without the bass especially.
Intro is pretty cool. It does wander around a little too much, and I thought you went a little overkill with the dissonant stuff.

The transition into bar 18 definitely needs to be smoothed out some.

The song really picks up at 21 though. Great riff.

The lead guitar is pretty good too, although bars 31-32 really don't fit in at all.

Anyway, it needs work, but it's definitely got promise.

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