Hey peoples, ive got a line 6 floor pod plus, and its annoying the crap out of me.
i got a m audio usb uno device so i cud connect to my laptop so i cud use vyzex to stuff around with tones etc, anyways im wanting to record but i cant seem to find any programs that i can use to record using the midi device, cause my laptops sound card isnt very good so record from pod to mic input sucks, so im giving the m audio device a try, is there any software for recording using m audio device?

Guitar < Pod < m audio uno device (plugged into pods midi in/out ports)(plugged into laptop usb port)

any help wud b much appreciated
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i'm sorry to say but you can't record audio using midi. by this i mean: guitar is audio, midi is...midi. you won't be able to record your guitar with that cable or interface. what that is for is midi triggering etc using your pod.

midi is a computer language using hexadecimal formatting, electric guitars output a voltage, so you'll need some kind of audio interface in order to record direct from your pod into your computer. think line 6 make a small, basic interface for guitars, not unlike your uno.

hope that helps!!
had a feeling about that lol, yeh i use the uno to use the program vyzex to get tones nd stuff, looks like ill need something else, got some stuff in mind, thanks anyways
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