i got a noise problem with my emg 81/85 pickups especially with the bridge pickups..also when i select the bridge pickups sometimes it doesnt produce any sound when i play just like when the amp is off..any ideas how to solve this problem?
that only happens with the bridge pickup..the neck is ok..sometimes the bridge pickup works with noise...
open her up and check out the switch... do you have a toggle or a lever action switch... sounds like you may have a loose wire or a grounding issue when switching to the bridge pickup.. it may not be an easy thing to trouble shoot by sight.. do you have a multimeter, you could probe around to see if there is a short circuit in there.
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happened on my bass a while ago just re-soldered the wiring. easy fix. if it just cuts out full stop its likely to be a big problem if its more of a fade out or crackling... usually to do with wiring
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Make sure the pots on the volume of the bridge are clean and connected well. I had a problem with my neck Emg and it was b/c the pots were mad dirty and gunky