I'm currently in the process of selling my Yamaha DGX-505. The keys are way too light, I've out grown it I think.

Anyway, which would be the best option? I want one that is as realistic as possible and closest to a real piano as possible since moving from plastic keys to a real piano is terrible o_o

I have the choice of the DGX-630 which if I'm right is the 505 but with hammers?

The YDP140 which I think only has like 3 piano and 3 organ voices but would maybe be better quality? I dunno...

And the YDPS31. So does anyone have experience with any of these? If so help! :p Which would be best for the most realistic feel, that's all I want as I'll be using them for midi plugged into my laptop. But then again I think I will miss the sheer amount of sounds the DGX had as you could instantly experiement with certain styles so actually yeh, I'd like the keep the amount of sounds too, but if losing them for an amazingly realistic feel is necessary then so be it.

I can speed up and down the 505 but moving to a piano it gets sloppy since I haven't built much, if any, strength. Stupid plastic keys ¬_¬

I just want to be able to move from it to a real piano and to be able to play at the same skill level.