I was woundering if i could get slash's sound out of a fender frontman 65r
And if so,Settings please
Yeah fenders and Marshalls sound different so it would be tough as **** man.
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I'd say that you'd get a tone that's similar to slash if you use your neck pickup and roll the tone down a bit.

For pedals...I'd say there's a DIY design called the Brown Sound In A Box II. You can try building it yourself, but I'm sure there are some finished ones on eBay or something.
Here's one:
MI Audio Crunch box might work too. Won't sound the greatest but it will be better than the amps disti.

I had a demo using it through my Frontman but I don't know if it is still in profile.

Edit: It's not the 'Crunch Box' clip it's the 'SS amp with disti pedals' but you'd have to weed through a ton of hacking on other pedals
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