I need a new amp(i prefer tubes). I play in a band but it isnt too loud at all so i think the wattage should be between 15 and 30 watts. I want to be able to play Southern Rock, Rock(often clean), Hard Rock (and maybe some 80s Metal). My budget is up too 600€.
peavey classic 30
laney vc30

u might need a boost pedal to do 80's metal though...
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I feel compelled to second, third, and fourth the Classic 30. To be honest, a Fender Hot Rod Deville would be pretty sweet too. I like the cleans on the Hot Rod's a lot more than the Peaveys, but I've never fiddle-faddled too much.

Ive spent some good hours with a classic 30, they f'n rock. Get a ProCo Rat for the 80's metal, and you have yourself a kick ass amp!
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Quote by kyle62
A Bugera 1990 and a cheap(ish) 2x12 would work nicely.

Well that would definitely be cool but i heard the reliability of those amps were ****.
Do you think the Classic 30 + OD is better?
Quote by PapaSchumpf
Well that would definitely be cool but i heard the reliability of those amps were ****
They are cheapish amps, yes. More of them will break down than the Peavey, within two years. However, it is still a very small chance if taken care of right. What happens is a couple of them break down, a few people start giving them a bad name, this snowballs on the internet, and all of a sudden everybody hates the Bugera.

In reality, Bugera is its own company. Sure, its Chinese, but it only uses Beringer as a marketing opportunity, as they are already in the know. If you like the 1990, get it. The new ones (which should have all been circulated into stores by now) are supposed to have a few problems fixed. And if I recall right, the only real 'problem' is a plastic clip holding a component. It isn't like they gave a monkey a soldering iron and threw capacitors at it.

Cranked, the Peavey may not have enough headroom for you. I vote for the Classic 50. Given that I played a Classic 30, and figuring the Classic 50 is the same preamp with more wattage in the power section.
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Bugera V22
Very similar to the Classic 30, but imo has better reverb and a bit more gain. You can also switch from pentode to triode to get earlier breakup, plus its cheaper.

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