Hi guys,

Having just recently acquired a Shine WF125 strat copy, I've just started cleaning the thing out of the previous owners' dead skin.

One of the strangest things I have noticed is that both the tone controls affect all three pickups (?!?!). The middle pickup sounds very thin and weedy as well - not sure whether this is a result of manufacturing or whether it is related to the "problem".

I've checked the wiring against the ones published for "3s/c, 5 way switch, 1 vol and 2 tones" on the Seymour Duncan website (which is great, btw, for schematics).

Anybody have any ideas as to why that can be happening? If there is a dry solder joint, where should I be looking for it?

I've used contact cleaner (proper stuff, not WD40 or brake cleaner) on the 5 way switch and all the pots.


G&L Legacys and S500's do the same I think. The 2 tones effect all 3 pickups, one control is bass and one treble. Not sure on that guitar.
Hi Jayman80,

Thanks for the replies and info - i mean, the weirdest thing was that when I opened it up, it still appears to have "stock" wiring in there and no additional capacitors. Either way, its superb weird and I'm led to believe I have a duff connection somewhere on it...