So after playing electric guitar for many, many years now, I've decided I'd like to learn to play the bass guitar. I've been looking around and found these two starting packs that I liked:



So I was wondering what do you all recommend? The ESP or the Dean?
And please ignore the price, some people may suggest buying the highest one because it'll probably be better. No, I'm looking for the specs it has, such as is one pick up better than two for the bass, the sound of each starter amps, etc. etc.
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I was looking at the ESP one myself, and it really seemed the better of the two, to me at least. It got glowing reviews on musicians friend
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In general I would go with ESP over Dean.

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ESP is going to be better then the Dean. As a rule, its usually a good idea to avoid Deans, Epiphones, and BC Riches (except the high end ones). However, you could do better then an ESP or Dean starter pack. Check the FAQ, and I'll recommend getting a Squier starter pack, a nicer Squier (like a VM) and a seperate practice amp, or an Ibanez GSR200 and a seperate amp. I always recommend buying a nicer practice amp over the starter pack ones, since the amps those packs come with are usually pretty terrible, and its worth putting money into something that will last longer
I started playing with a Squier a few months ago, it really got me digging this bass thing. It sounds pretty decent plugged into my $150 line 6 amp.