I'm learning their song 'Hours Of Wealth' and I'm breezing through it, but once the guitar cuts out and the vocals begin I become lost on what to play. For the recording of this song, a series of chords are played on keyboard. I haven't had much experience transcribing music from one instrument to another, I've tried but haven't had much luck.

I've searched for TABS on this song but they all seem to skip the chords that are being played during the vocal section. I guess the tabbers are only interested in guitar and nothing else. I've searched youtube covers of this song and all of them use different chords and none of them sound right.

Could someone transcribe the chords for guitar? Or if that's too much trouble can you link me up to a clip of someone playing the correct chords, or offer me suggestions or tips on how I can figure out what to play during the vocal part?
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