I am wondering if anyone can give me a good feedback on these two guitars..

I really am itching to get my new guitar based on these two choices... any other recommendations are very welcome..

I like to play progressive metal and something that is a bit like classic metal..

I would sometimes play almost anything that sounds good to me, so guitar versatility is something that I would want....
VERY different guitars
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I know these are VERY different guitars.. But from where I come from, these are quite hard to find.

I have little knowledge of the wood but I have tried both.. I liked the RG2550 but there is a guy telling me that the SV is more versatile than the RG..

I also forgot to mention that I'm a gear newb.. I held on to my Yamaha starter for waa~~~aay too long just to get a better guitar which I would be contented for along time..

I am not really in a hurry since being in a hurry has always brought me a lot of problems and regrets.. Xo (Stupid Yamaha..)

So I need more advice on this.. Thanks..
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The both have the exact same neck. The only differences are the trems, body wood, and the SV has a coil splitter but the RG has single coil functions. The SV has a vintage-style trem and the RG has a double locking trem. The Edge Zero feels more like a fixed bridge than the SynchroniZR bridge. The RG won't have as much bass response as the SV but it'll cut through the mix better.
The SV is considerably more expensive, but IMO, sounds better. Not a big fan of basswood for anything other than leads. If you're buying new, the SV will hold its value better as well, but that also means that you can pick up the RG for ~$600 used and save a lot of cash.

I think I'd rather have an original RG550 over a 1550/2550 though Chances are, you'll find one a lot cheaper, with upgraded pickups.
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