Im fairly new to learning the guitar, and im trying to find a really good set of lessons I can follow along with. I was just wondering what some more seasoned veterans thought of the materials from RockHouseMethod, and if they would be worth my time and money or not.
I'm not a seasoned veteran but I did have one of the rockhousemethod dvds about rock guitar.. It teaches you the basics as in holding your guitar and pick (they do teach anchoring, so not sure what to think about that) and it then moves on to some scales, exercises and some little rhythm and lead parts. Plus, you can download the backing tracks for free if you have the dvd.

In summary though, all this can be learned from youtube and UG as well. If you take some time to read up on what to practice there's a huge amount of resources readily available.
Same here, i want to get some material that i can learn off of. i don't know what to get, and i don't have the money for a music teacher lol.
from my experience, those dvds are best if you're an absolute beginner to 3 or 4 months player at most. I got the entire metal method basic course when i was playing for 6 months, and i started out on stage 4. most of the stuff in stages 1-3 i already learned from youtube / UG. but there was still a few things here and there that i learned from those first 3 stages.
Get lessons, if you're good some of the advanced Rock House Method stuff is helpful. Get lessons for a month or two, then buy lesson books to practice out of.
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