You could hardly say that's ripping off Quo Vadis, just a similarlity. Also, it's from 2004, not early enough I think.

Very nice song however.
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It sounds like Matt Heafy cause they are probably singing in the key he sings in...and yeah the song sounds kinda like newer Trivium.
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I think it does sound like Trivium's earlier material, guitar-wise. Or, perhaps Trivium's earlier material (EP & Ember to Inferno era) sounds like this. People are always going to argue whether this is a rip-off or whether it is a coincidence, but that's probably dependant on whether you like Trivium or not.

Probably a coincidence, but the vocals you mentioned do actually sound like Matt Heafy, Crusade-era.

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the backing vocals on that song are done by two of the guys from Anonymus
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