Hi guys,

I need some help with an amp purchase.

I am planning to get (as title states) an RG1570 prestige and a Digitech RP 255 (getting this, instead of the BOSS ME70 for its USB recording feature) to go with it.

Since I'm a 99% bedroom rocker I think a 15-30W amp would suffice.

I've read about the MG series and am not even considering it..

So my choice really lay with Roland, Vox and Peavey amps - as far as I'm aware of..

My music preference - Joe Satriani (Crowd Chant, Cool#9, sounds), Andy Timmons (Electric Gypsy, There Are No Words sounds), Heavy distortion ala Breaking Benjamin - I hope these illustrate clearly which sound I like..

Some concerns:-
- Most of these amps offer amp modelling features - so does the RP 255. Will this somehow mess the sound out? Are there better sounding amps with no modelling features, that could take advantage of RP 255's amp modelling?

- I assume that USB recording is independent of other hardware (audio interfaces, sound card etc) which is why I prefer that, since I do not want to invest in pricey mics / audio interfaces / sound cards to get good quality recording. Am I correct in this regard?

Any information is much appreciated.
If you're going to use effects, I'd suggest a small tube amp. I use an RP350 and an Epiphone Valve Jr. and I love it. Using an effects processor with a modeling amp won't sound too terribly good, it'll be very digital.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
The Valve Jr with 12" cab is a good match for multifx and pedals. I've had both the combo and the head/cab, and I do not recommend the combo unless you get a cab with it. The combo's small cabinet and speaker just don't sound very good. There are other small tube amps that may work well (such as the Blackheart) but I've never used them and I would not go with a speaker size of less than 10". The Vjr may not be the best sounding 5 watt amp on it's, but paired up with pedals/FX it has been shown to be a good performer and deliver the goods.

If you are willing to go used then a Peavey Classic 30 can be sometimes found on Craigslist for around $300. A cheap used SS amp with a good clean channel like the Peavey Bandit may pair up with a multifx well but I would recommend testing it before purchasing.
I recommend the Vyrpr 15W.
It's sounds pretty damn good.
And it's only $100. Try it out

Gives out some nice heavy tone, and it's got pretty good cleans.
And it has a "line out" for recording.

I also have the RG1570 Prestige.
You're gonna love that guitar.

I suggest you skip the digitech pedal and get yourself a couple FX that the modeling amps don't have. Peavy, Roland, and Vox all make great little 15 watt modeling amps. I'm partial to the Valvetronix but it's all opinion. I'd skip the Digitech pedal. Once you get your amp you will find that there are 1 or 2 effects that it's lacking and you can then go out and buy the real versions of the one or 2 FX for about the same price as the digitech. The advantage of getting the real versions are that they sound better and are easier to use. Most of what the Digitech pedal does your amp will do by it's self so it becomes redundant.
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I know you want the recording feature of a digitech, so stick with that.

Buy a Roland Jazz chorus 60. They make a 60 watt with two 10' speakers, they are very cheap too. I saw one at a local guitar store here with one blown speaker for $100.

It'll sound great with modeling pedals like the digitech
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Congrats dude. I kinda want a BJ too 'cause I like them so much. I'll check your clipz later.