i have a suhr carve top on order its 3500.00 i was thinking of canceling the order and buying an S4 and the badger 18w amp instead. any thoughts? the 2 would be around 3800.00.also my current amp is a frontman 65
I'd definitely get a better amp than a frontman if you're prepared to sink $3500 on a guitar.
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Get a better amp! No point in spending 3500 on a guitar, to play it through a Frontman

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There's no rule that says you have to get gear in a certain order. If you want the S4 and amp, then do it, but if buying buying those 2 instead of the carve top makes you feel like you're settling for something, then personally I wouldn't do it. I'd rather get the guitar I really want, even if it meant playing it through a crappy amp for a while.
I'd keep the carve top and get a cheaper amp. The badger's nice, but overpriced IMO. Maybe get a second hand Suhr? I have a custom modern arriving in a few weeks, and know how you feel about the prices lol. Saying that, if you're getting a Suhr, you NEED a better amp.
If you go the pro route, I'd get an S3, as I find all maple a bit too bright. I like a rosewood board, but that's me.

Good luck.
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