I recently (about 3 months ago) bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top, and then today I found a local store selling a Gibson Les Paul Studio for a very affordable price to me.
I was planning on buying a Jackson KV3 (made in japan) in about 2 weeks (on my birthday) but then the Gibson popped up out of nowhere :S
Which led to my current dilemma, as i don't know whether to keep the Epi Les Paul I have and buy the Jackson KV3 anyway or buy the Gibson Les Paul Studio and in turn sell the Epi Les Paul (as i think it would be pretty pointless if i own both an Epi and Gibby Les Paul).
Just wondering cuz i dunno whether the Gibson Les Paul Studio is a good Gibson or not.

Hope to get some useful feedback
Only you can ultimately decide what's worth it for you. What music you play, the styles you play in will determine whether it's worth it for you or not. As always, play the gibson, as you need to see if it's really for you before deciding to go through with any of this.
i'm asking not for the type of music i play, i like the epi and gibby but dunno what to do whether to buy the Jackson KV3 and have that and the quality epi sound which is a sort of replica to the gibson or buy the gibson and sell the epi and have on guitar only (the gibson).
What i'm asking in other words is the Gibson Les Paul Studio better than both the Jackson KV3 (made in japan) and the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top or not.
YES it is. i own a studio and its a great guitar well made and sounds great even through a shi..y amp. go with the studio.
you do realize if i go with the studio i would be selling the epi and also not getting the Jackson KV3, right ?!