Hey everyone, i just bought an amp for my guitar and im a noob so i just bought the biggest one in the shop hoping it would be the best. Heres the url to a pic of it i found on google..


Its similar to the one in the pic only the white part at the top is red and orange on mine..
The problem im having is that i can only get a clean sound and no grunge/metal from it which is annoying me..
im really in a hurry atm so i will have to come back and check on this thread in about 15 minutes, any information is greatly appreciated.
If it doesent have a overdrive channel buy a distortion pedal, the behringer ultra metal its cheap and good for the price if you are on budget :]
An actual picture would be nice: just take one an upload it to imageshack.

In the mean time, is it actualy a carlsbro amp? Or does it just look like the one the picture but is a different brand?
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