Is there any way to get rid of the incredibly annoying toolbar-thingey which has started appearing on the bottom of the page whenever I visit the UG forums? A white thing, with one button saying "Share Page", one tab to show which friends are online, one for "updates", and one that says "Connect to meboo". This thing only appears on these forums, any way to get rid of it?

If you use Firefox, install an addon called "Noscript".

It's annoying at first but when you learn how to use it, it really helps you prevent ****ty websites from bombarding you with bull**** and java applets.

If you use IE, there's no hope left for you.
Hahahahahaha. It's a new feature that UG has been working on for a long time. It's great! It gives you the ability to instant message anyone who you are friends with on UG and it makes it a more communal forum because of the connectivity. Do you know about profiles yet or is that going to be a shock to you too?
It's a new feature - you can add other forum users as friends and chat to them in an IM.
I'll be checking out that firefox plugin.

The reason why this thing is so annoying is because it makes scrolling laggy...
Thanks, both to the first reply and the last one. Both were helpful, actually ^^
It's an awesome new feature.
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