Anyone have the problem of your pickups vibrating when you stand too close to you amp? Does anyone know how to stop that? And please nothing like "move away from your amp/roll down your volume". Thanks!
Do you mean feedback, or do you mean that your pickups are literally vibrating whenever you get close to your amp?
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Well the cheap answer is the one you dont want. TUrn it down and back away from the amp. FOr the pickups vibrating tighten their screws. The only way your going to get to play loud and right next to an amp is a well grounded amp, guitar. true humbucking pickups, noise gate , shielded cables and a power conditioner. So unless you have a couple grand you feel like throwing around.

1 tighten your pickup screws
2 dont have everything on ten
3 back away from your amp
*lust list*
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Turn your gain down.
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I used to have this problem when I used a distortion pedal, or at least a similar problem with the feedback thing.... I discovered it was just the simple fact that I had too much treble running at too higher volume, either turn down your amp or do what I did which was simply just turn the tone knob on the guitar down.

I don't know exactly if this will work with your problem but it's worth a try atleast.