Hey guys,
i'm trying to decide which bass to get, i've narrowed it down to either a Fender Jaguar or a Fender Marcus Miller Jazz, just thought i'd ask your opinions

I've played a Marcus Miller Jazz and loved it, haven't played the Jaguar yet though. I do intend to play both of them before buying, but what do you guys think?
I play pretty much everything, just want a versatile bass that sounds awesome.
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I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I'll bet you'll pick up the Jaguar and within a few seconds realize that the Marcus Miller Jazz is way more playable. I don't really know how the Jaguar is tone-wise because I couldn't stand to play it for more than a few seconds because of the extra sticky neck. I'm sure dialing in the tone you want would be really easy on the Jaguar, but to me it still wouldn't be worth it. I guess it could come down to personal preference.
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Marcus miller defiantly. I do admit and this is fenders fault that the preamp wasnt as fat as i wanted but i bet when they originally had the EBS preamp in their it was.
A great bass totally beats the jaguar. Feels alot better too.,
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Personally, I like the jaguar, but I'll agree that spec-wise and playability-wise (for most people) the Marcus Miller blows the jag out of the water. Go for the Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller by far. Better tonally, better playability. Other than the Urge II, the only signature bass I'd consider laying down cash for.
Hmmmm... I would agree, the MM is definitely the better bass...

But then again, comparing a $600 bass with a $1400 bass tends to do that... I'm guessing money is no problem for you then? Otherwise, that'd be the biggest deciding factor.
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if you dont want to deal with active electronics, go for the geddy lee sig. they feel very similar.
You should also look at the Geddy Lee Jazz its pretty goddamn versatile (Cmon Chris from Anti-Flag uses it as his main bass :P).Also it looks really nice aswell im sure it comes in Sunburst of black and the black's pure badass and i can vouch it is sweet as i have been in the front row at an anti-flag gig where he was playing one trillion dollars and it was awesome xD.
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price isn't really a factor here actually guys, i've found them both around the same price


only £100 difference

thanks for the input you guys, i'll check out a jaguar and see if i agree with all of you, i'm definitely a bit more confident about the marcus miller now!
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