I don't even know if this goes here.

I have a floyd rose guitar but now i no longer want this. I heard there was a thing where you put batteries behind the bridge?

I don't want to do too much work or anything, i just want to be able to have it tune like a regular guitar without constantly having to take of the locking bit at the top:S

it's called blocking your trem. most people use a chunk of wood, but I guess a battery would be the proper size, too.. :/

do a search on trem blocking, and you should find more than enough info on what you need, it's not very difficult at all
blocking the trem, my guitar teacher uses a block of wood cut to size on one of his. But on my RG when I tried a battery was too thin as you want the trem area to be parrallel with the body and so I used a stack of paper cut to size and height and itworked fine. I also sellotaped it to the inside of the guitar so that it didnt movve when i used the trem.
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I know that Ibanez has a fixed bridge for locking guitars. i don't know if it would fit into a guitar with a floyd rose in it already though.
least amount of work, put a chunk of wood in it..

best way, sell it and get a hard tail guitar.

most amount of work, second best way. fill the holes and drill for a fixed bridge.