Okay, I posed tabs for this earlier, but I subsequently purchased Guitar Pro 5, and was able to get these done. It's only the first, small part of the song, and I'm still ironing out a few bugs with GP. If you have any technical suggestions, i.e., relating to GP5, then I'd love to hear them. At the same time, if you feel parts of the piece are too dissonant, then shout out.

And I haven't been able to hear what both parts sound like together on actual guitars; .rse and .midi are very different formats from actual sound, so...I dunno, it might sound better elsewise.

And, please, don't just say, "Oh man, this sux." I already know that,

EDIT: I played through both tracks with a friend, and...oh my gawd...the dissonance was too much to bear during the second part. I'll come up with a better harmony that doesn't fight with itself later, but for now, here's an improved version.
Ecclectic Metal.gp4
Ecclectic Metal.gp5
Ecclectic Metal.mid
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Wow man, how did you manage to make it sound so crappy?!
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Wow man, how did you manage to make it sound so crappy?!

Not sure what's up with the GP version. Like I said, very new to GP.

MIDI sounds better.
Hey, returning the crit. you gave me .

First things first - pan the guitars (so one is left and one is right speaker etc. ) as this will prevent speaker distortion and the horrible clunky sound. stick everything to MIDI too unless you're good at mixing RSE (which can be done in score info, where EQ and global reverb can be set) and make the settings for RSE sound good (in the instrument settings themselves, if I do use RSE I tend to use "Eddie Lead" or anything from "Legend Tones" ).

Secondly I'm not too fond on the short 5/16 and 8/32 breaks but if that's going to compliment the rest of the song when it's finished in some way, don't let me stop you.

The drums need a bit more life around the beginning - a good way is to write something in 4/4 but draw it across a few bars or experiment (this is definitely an avante-garde/experimental type of song! )

I like 9 - 14 but don't repeat it as it's a good build up and it kills it when it's repeated. Take away the very fast tremolo picking on the chord at bar 15 (is it even possible ?) and instead hold the chord over those bars.
Man, first of all - you ought to know how to check the measures 'n timing. There are now such timings as: 15/16 or 13/16 Your song is in real 4/4. Try to clatch your foot when you're playing riffs - it may help you to understand the timing