Hey guys...I just got a chromatic tuner...with no instructions...and I can't figure out if I tune the e-string (fattest) on the fifth fret, so it shows as an e, or not. And same the rest of the way down. Please help...i'm a bonehead!
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Play the E string (fattest) open (with no frets that is) and tune that so that on the tuner it reads 'E' when you play the fattest string with no frets on.
Next play the string above that open (no frets again) and tune that open until the tuner reads 'A'. and so on for DGBE strings.

sorry if this sounds condescending im just trying to make it as pefectly clear as possible
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I'm a bit confused by your post, what tuning are you trying to achieve?

Generally speaking chromatic tuners are pretty easy to use but you have to know how many steps from standard you want a string to be. There should be a flat button on your tuner somewhere. If, for instance, you want to tune to Drop D, hit the flatt button twice and you should see it say "bb" somewhere on the display. Then tune your 6th (fattest) string and the tuner will bring you to D instead of the normal E.

Hope this helps.
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Play each string open one at a time to tune
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Sometimes they don't react if the string is way too sharp or too flat.

Try tuning all the strings so that they are not too tight or too loose, and then at least one of them should be close enough to start with.
Thanx all...wow...I had it so jacked up, its brutal. Sounds awesome now! lol
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