Boss SYB-5 or the Ibanez SB7

The Boss pedal seems to be the more versatile pedal so I am leaning slightly towards that.
What do you guys think?
Im lookin for something a little like some of the synth bass in early Jamiroquai (Tracks like "space cowboy")
Just for abit of fun really and I might use it in some projects.
What do you guys think?
Id get the boss. Seems way more versitile and smooth to me. The ibanez just seems too dry and week.
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well i tried both of them and wasnt too impressed. if money is no option, id either recomend the ehx bass micro synth or buying a fuzz, octave, and filter. i first bought the bass micro synth, loved it, but realized that it would be hard to use just one effect and not the other, so i returned it and bought each effect individually. There was nothing wrong with the sound and quality of the micro synth, but you'd get more options and tonal control having each of them seperate.
^this is if money isn't a concern mind you.

so if u dont want seperate(my first choice), buy the ehx bass micro synth. if u can't afford it, buy the boss if u cant wait. However, i advise saving up rather than spending to spend personally
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Both of the pedals you mention are not true synthesizers, but rather they are envelope filters. They can be a blast if not over-used. You might also want to look at DigiTech's Bass Synth Wah, which can give you some interesting sounds. Also look at Electro-Harmonix's Q-Tron, which is the successor to the classic envelop filter, the Mu-Tron.
mate, ive tried the ibanez synth before, its very poor, not worth the money, get the boss
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They're both low-end synth pedals. Wouldn't go with either.