nice song! i liked the lyrics and the guitar fitted very well. this is the type of song that i like to listen to on the radio.and i want some fries now

only 1small thing: when you say 'I' , i kinda hear a crack in your voice if you know what i mean.
I love the harmonizing man....
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Good acoustic line. I really like the guitar, it blends well with the vocals. Lyrics were good, kind of humorous at time too! One thing I would point out is that there were times where your voice sort of "cracked" almost. That was probably the worst I have to say. Other than that, it was a very good song, good job !
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Hey man! The new song sounds great! It's got a really cool lo-fi simplicity to it that makes it quite endearing. I like the flow of the lyircs.. it takes your mind away from life for a few minutes. I also really like the harmonies. It's simple and straightforward music like this that makes me happy acoustic guitars exist.

Crit mine?
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In the beginning I thought...okay, it sounds a bit lofi and nothing special. But then the backing vocals kicked in and I was like "whohooh, great". That really made the song! I like the flow of the vocals and the parts were your voice nearly cracks.The lyrics are cool as well. Guitar could be a bit louder though.

=> All in all, I think it's great.

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Thanks for the crit.

Cool song. Nice guitar parts, it's a little low in the mix though. Vocals are good too, good harmonizing and good melody. Lyrics are very nice, makes me want hot chocolate and a hamburger lol. Overall the song wasn't super special or anything to me because it's just not my style. But it's a nice tune.