i'm reading this book on political theories and right now i just finished reading the section on realism and liberalism. i was just wondering how is liberalism the opposite of realism with regard to values such as order, liberty, justice, and tolerance?
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In the end, those are just ideas. Live your life the best you can, be good to others, and don't take anything against someone's will or that can't be replaced. That's virtuous and honorable, and it's all we should be concerned with.
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Thats not really what they mean. Realism is all about relative gains while liberalism is all about absolute gains.
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That not really what they mean. Realism is all about relative gains while liberalism is all about absolute gains.

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Liberalism isn't referring to values. People mistake the term liberalism and conservativism all the time. Liberalism just means you are pro spending and conservativism means you are against it. American conservatives aren't conservative due to the fact that they willingly spend more than half our tax revenue on the military, and war is truly a waste of money because it just spends and doesn't bring anything in unless you're conquering which we are not.
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^^^^ Last two posters, these aren't political labels. They are theoretical frameworks for understanding International Relations.

Since I have better things to do with my time, I'll be lazy and point you to ----> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_relations_theory

Its not a very good overview though.
Realism to be is a common sense initiative to assume the exterior material world exists. I have never heard it belong to politics before; it sounds like really unconvincing Neo-Conservative rhetoric.

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