Maybe some other fatties or gurus can help me out here. I play a Dean Vendetta XM electric which is said to have a medium jumbo fretboard.

I am 6'5" and 280lbs. I wear a size 42 pant. My belly is fairly pronounced. Now I know there have been tons of great guitar players who had too many extra McFatty meals, but I can't figure out a posture that will work for me. I have been practicing proper left hand fingering recently. I used to play with a twisted wrist and with a weak and unused pinky it was much easier to just stretch the ring finger for the top E's 4th position. After reading (and watching the you tube videos) I have been trying to play better. I slapped the guitar on my left leg (and tried playing standing up) to get the position right.)

I put the guitar to about a 40-45* angle where it sits naturally but to reach the top E I still bend the crap out of my wrist which severely limits my practice time before it starts hurting. I think the problem is the guitar sits on my belly which naturally angles it back so I can see the frets. If I suck in my gut The angel on my wrist is much less.

Other than loosing weight or wearing a girdle, what are my options? I have to angel the guitar close to 70* (which requires me to grip it uncomfortably) if I want to hit that pinky note without bending my wrist.

I am stuck, but because of my crazy work schedual I can't get a spot with a local guitar instructor. They want to get you in a weekly plan, but I just can't do that because I never know from moment to moment when I will have to work.

I know it is hard to understand this so I will make a video if need be

Thanks again!
A pic would also help describe what's going on here.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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Oh I know that problem. You end up playing the guitar by your side, yes? Just thinking about it, my Yammy plays in a better position and the only difference compared with my Cort is that the strap on the Yammy is a notch shorter.
I'm 5ft 9in and around 220 (and I'm on zero carbs!) so the proportions are similar. Try setting the strap so the guitar sits on your gut rather than the other way round.
If that fails, its CORSET time and that will get you funny looks.
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Only have internet access on my sidekick here. I can email a photo, but can't upload it.
It actually sits high so the belly angles it back. I don't play with it on the side really. The more I look at it, it seems the real issue is with the stretch from 1 to 4 is impossible for me to do. From 10 to 14 is quite easy. If I hit low E on the 1st fret, right next to the fret, I can only stretch my pinky to the beginning of the 4th potition (away from the functioning fret) if that makes any sense.

If I lay my pinky down instead of pressing with the tip, it is obviously more comfortable, but I feel I should fix the problem instead. *shrug*

You guys need pictures I'm thinking. I will get something up asap.
A pic would be really helpful here.

Could you try moving the guitar so that its more around the side of your belly? Can you get it to rest on either leg instead? Maybe it would help to sit up or forwards a bit?

I really want to help here, but its hard without a picture...
I know we need pictures. I only have internet on my cell right now. I will post pictures tomorrow.
I really can't imagine anyone having enough belly to interfere with the guitar... I just can't.
When I'm sat down with my guitar I have almost a foot of space between my stomach and my guitar. This leads me to the conclusion that you're doing it wrong.

When you say that you put the guitar on your left leg, I assume you mean classical position? (this would mean that your guitar is between your legs, in front of the crotch region).
I'm going to assume you have a normal shaped guitar here: place the curve on the bottom of your guitar (curves inward) on your left leg and rest the back (bit behind the bridge) on your right leg. You might have to open your legs a bit to do that.
Try moving your right leg downward and your left leg upward to angle the guitar more, maybe rest the right foot on something to get the idea (similar effect can be achieved by crossing legs if you rest your left ankle just above your right knee). Your guitar headstock should be about level with your jaw.
Next, place your left hand thumb behind the third fret of your guitar, about half way up the neck. From here you should easily be able to reach from the 1st fret (index) to the 5th fret (pinky), I have the worlds smallest hands so you can probably reach further.

I'd also like to point out that the way I sit isn't the only way and is by no means a strict measure of how to sit. It's just the way I personally sit and a way I think it would benefit the threadstarter to sit.
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