Can anybody tell me the difference between different licensed floyds and the original

for example, the difference between an EdgeIII, Edge Pro, GOTOH licensed, Schaller licensed, Jackson licensed, no name licensed, chinese 'licensed under floyd rosd patents' trems etc.
i just know that jackson and schaller licensed are good. some say they are equal to or better than the OFRs
surely those are different !!when u will use those bridges ,u will feel , some needs to bend a little bit,some needs to bend a lot to vibrate or dive bomb.... and the bridge got different types of locking tremolo arm,some are open ,some are double locked,mick thompson signature guitar floyd rose has no tremolo arm . and the tremolo arm shape is also slightly different .floyd rose also varies for keeping the strings in tune . so play the various bridges ,see which one u feel the best with ur playing..
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