Hello forums,

Im a Singer Songwriter sort of acoustic project kinda guy from England, currently going under the name "I'm not superman". But i want a better name, at the moment im thinking either "Famous for something" for a sort of socio-political sounding name, or "I did a backflip once" Because its just a little bit different.

I'm well aware that my music, and the people who generally use these forums (which is a horrible generalisation, so i apologise if i offend anyone) will laregely find my music to be "Weak" and "Commercial" but i've tried writing metal songs, and frankly its a bad move.

However if any metal heads do check out my page come listen to my song "The boy who sold his soul" its my own little Epic song, i'd like to think it has some of my heavier influences in there.

So yea, if you can think of a suitable name leave a comment

to check the music go to www.myspace.com/imnotsuperman1