After reading about rigging active EMGs with 2 9 volt batteries instead of 1, it made me wonder if it was possible to rig up a non active EMG in my schecter stilleto with a 9 volt battery. Now im probably way off the mark, but is the only thing other than a few specifications in the magnet quality or whatever differentiating an active from a non active pickup, the fact that one has a battery current constantly running through it and one does not?

Would rigging up a non active pickup with a battery current beef up the pickup?

Im hoping yes, and im hoping someone can confirm this for me.
Actives are pickups with a small number of windings wrapped around a magnet. Because of the small number of windings the signal needs to be beefed up by a preamp in the pickup. The preamp is what runs off the 9v.

Basically anyway.
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has anyone out there tried rigging up a 9 volt battery up to a standard passive humbucker like this?
No. No one wants to bother doing something that has 0% chance of success and a reasonably high chance of permanently damaging their pickups, or whatever the guitar is plugged into.

Do not attempt this. It's simply not possible for anything useful to happen.
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