I wanna find a solo to learn for acoustic or that sounds good on acoustic, like the one for Spoke in the Wheel. The tab for it is 5 stars, but I play it and I know it isn't right. So does anyone know any solos for acoustic I could learn? And if there's a tab for it, could you supply me with it?(this'll be my first solo I'm gonna learn, but even so don't give me a really easy solo)
The first solo on Wish You Were Here seems to be a favourite on these kind of situations.
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yea the intro solo of wish you were here was the first acoustic solo ive learn, good exercise if youre a beginner. My first electric solo was intro solo of fade to black, good one 2 and pretty easy
Wish You Were Here solo sounds nice and is very, very easy. Another one would be the solo in Patience by GNR
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