That says it all, but the best Heads for the buck, I need the Best sounding of all the cheap Heads. My Budget is anywhere from basicly 0-400$, I know, Not very Big eh?

NOTE: I'm Not going Gigging within the next 2 or three years
I play Metallica (Pre 1991)
I will Buy Used or New, it doesn't matter much to me.

And the only reason i have 0-400$ is becuase I save up BY MYSELF, with no job, only allowence and delivering flyers, cuz im thirteen.

And it would cost 500$ up here in canada, so it would be around 400$ in the states.

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any ampeg head will do
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Metallica used the Ampeg VH140c sometimes for Death Magnetic.

The SS140c is also worth looking into.
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why does it have to be SS?

The Ampeg and Randall suggestions are good. Line 6 flex tone/vetta (nvm out of your price range)...maybe Peavey XXL.
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My best suggestion for you would be to go to Guitar Center's used section and check out some of their gear. Off the top of my head, however, I can think of the Ampeg VH140c, which will give you awesome metal sounds and epic cleans, and goes pretty cheap used, like around $300 USD.

What's Thunder Bay near? I could look at Craigslist for you.
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if ur not gigging and u dont have much to spend, y get a head? u can get a cheaper combo that will sound better, u could probably even go tube in that price range

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