Ive been playing bass for about a year now and i have only taken one lesson. Im not really sure how i compare to other bass players with one year of experience. Can anyone tell me some songs that a typical bass player with one year of experience should be able to play? [U]No Rap Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are some songs you can play good now?

And there is a thread with a whole bunch of songs, listed out in Easy, intermediate, hard, etc..
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Depends heavily on their style and goals.

I do like to play RHCP's My Friends though .... im around a year or so myself. +1 to the songs thread though but theres no kind of benchmark for playing anyway so just do what you like.
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Uhm I can play Anesthesia by metallica. Cant stop, Give It away and Suck My kiss By Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hysteria by muse, Longview By green day, Tom sawyer by Rush, Southbound Pachyderm By Rush.

I Can play a lot more songs but those were the first few off the top of my head
When I'd been playing for a year, most difficult song I could play was probably The Elephant Riders by Clutch
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Try some older Metallica (the bass is more prominent) or maybe Rush.
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Maybe try learning an entire album? You could play through it to work on endurance for gigging playing multiple songs back to back is harder then you might think if your not used to it.

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Get an challenge for yourself!
Rush - yyz
Rush - Spirit of the radio
Iron maiden - Phantom of the opera
Metallica - Battery --- something basic!
Hey man dont be so fast to rule out rap! Im not really into it myself but some stuff i really get into and Alot of Rap/HipHop songs have really cool bass lines that make for great practice or warmup routines. Check out some Cypress Hill or Matisyahu. And then there's Rage Against the Machine which finds a happy? blend.

This is the great thing about playing music. It gives you a chance to broaden your tastes in music so you can hunt down that new sound or tone or feel.

Have fun mate