i have and issue. i love david coverdales voice. very much. i looked into his stuff with deep purple and enjoyed it a lot. my issue thought is with whitesnake. when he was in whitesnake, what kind of music was it? it seems like it was hair metalish but i've only 2 or 3 whitesnake songs. can someone help me out? was it more 80's metal or blues-rock?
At the very start, Whitesnake was still blues-based rock. They sounded like a poor man's Led Zeppelin and they weren't popular at first. However they very quickly became full 80's metal (aka hair metal, arena rock, etc) and their most famous and most popular songs are their power ballads and anthems from the late 80's, like Here I Go Again, Is This Love? and Crying In The Rain.
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Early albums are David Coverdale's Whitesnake, Lovehunter and Ready And Willing, although DC had already had a couple of solo albums after Purple. Both Lovehunter & Ready And Willing are great blues rock albums, in my opinion. After the success of R and W, Whitesnake albums followed a bit of a formula until the band turned a bit more hair metal in the 80s. Great live band.
A lot of Zep fans don't like DC,who was also named David Coverversion by Robert Plant.He's got a decent voice and did an album with Jimmy Page in '93 titled "Coverdale * Page",with quite a few good tracks on it.Not one for some Zep purist's.