I recently got all I need for recording:

MXL Condenser microphone;
M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface;
M-Audio Keystation 61es;
Sonar 8 Producer Edition

Firstly, is the Sonar program a good one? Would you have another recommendation? I'm looking for one that's relatively easy to use (I HATE messing around with a program to get it working... maybe it's just me) and that gives a nice result.

More importantly, could you guys help me for the actual recording process?
I have something in mind, but I don't know how to actually make it real...

Basically, I'd like to do kinda what Mattrach does: a single person, several instruments.
What would be the best way to go at this? For example, should I record the rhythm guitar first?

Any tips are very much appreciated
Rhythm Guitar
Lead vocals or Lead guitar (whatever order you perfer, sometimes its better to record vocals first incase theres a clash in melody with the lead guitar)
in my modest and amateur opinion, i think it's best to set the rythm and structure of the song. You can start with the rhythm guitar or the drums, just don't forget to have the idea before hand.
Alright thanks!

What do you guys think of FL Studio as a software for recording guitar?
FL I do believe is more loop based than recording based. So the results wont be great from the recording. Audacity is free and can record resonably well, (Great for the price " and believe reaper has a free trial and thats meant to be pretty good, however at the end you are asked to buy a licence to keep using it, (correct me if Im wrong someone) but I think the program still runs if you dont use a licence but its illegal

Btw, I also advise against doing rhythm guitar first, the drums should always be the foundation in a song when possible, the guitarist should be playing to the drums rather than the drums playing to the guitar, if that makes sense. Yes I realise this is blasphemy on a guitar website, but its true
The drums are a problem for me... I don't have any.

Is this where MIDI and my keyboard come in? Does a program like Sonar already have "midi-drums"?
As long as a recording app has sequencer functions and is midi compatible then It will work, im not sure about sonar having it, I am not familar with it.

Midi isnt a sound but more like a collection of on/off switches telling the computer to play sounds from the internal sound card.