well I need the code to get a gigantic header for my bands myspace. Like this


please dont tell me, to use


or something like that because it doesnt work, and even the biggest choice is still too small. So i just need the code for it. Plus i dont like the "made with *site name*" because i cant ever get it out (yes i know you can usually edit it out but it never works)

Thanks in advance.
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http://www.freecodesource.com/index.php?page=myspacegenerators/image-above-page. go here, and choose 1.0 profile. Then once you do all the other stuff, and you get the code itself, go to your bands myspace and paste it into the bio section.

i went ahead and tried that too and it just came up as the words 'upload a picture to the top of your page' at the beginning of my bio section
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Don't bump your threads, mate. And IMO, those ridiculous huge banners that take up 3x the space of the screen makes you look like a gigantic douche. But whatever works for you.
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