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I was looking into B-52 at-112 so tell me what do you think about that..
some amps i was thinking also : laney 50-lc(think it doesnt really do metal),randall 50tc,engl thunder(didnt really like the sound of it)...i dont know any more i just know i want a combo around 50W. please when you give a suggestion keep in mind the bands i wrote down...

my budget is around 700euro-s.but prices aint allways the same...im from croatia..
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it's a little higher wattage but Peavey 5150 combo

i dont really think i got the money for it
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i dont really think i got the money for it

there are two on ebay for $500 right now...one is "or best offer" so he might take 450...these are US dollars, though, not sure what that equates to.
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yeah, the lc50 wouldn't be my first choice for metal. i don't think you can get b52 in europe, either.
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