I'm living in an apartment in queens for a few months and left all my guitars at home, so I posted an ad on craigslist asking for a cheap acoustic guitar just so I could keep my mind fresh and my fingers strong. In a very short time a man emailed me and offered me this Madeira, delivered to me in Queens. I had never heard of a Madeira but I did some searching, didn't find much but what I found was very positive. So I accepted his offer and am very impressed with this guitar..

From what I can find searching google, this guitar was made anywhere from the 70's to 1992. Mine is made in Japan which leads me to believe it is an earlier model, probably from the 70's. It's an A-35, which seems to be one of the higher end models of the Madeira line but I'm not 100% sure on that. I emailed Fender (who owns Guild, who produced Madeira) with the serial number to see if they can tell me more about it.

Overall the guitar looks, feels and sounds fantastic, even with the old strings that are on it. The action is nearly spot on, just a little high, but the neck is straight and the bridge and top are in good condition. Intonation is good and it stays in tune very well. The tone is mostly balanced but more toward the bright side, with lots of crisp when using a pick, and no overwhelming low end boom like on some Martins (but not at all tinny like a Taylor).

Like I said I'm very impressed with this guitar, originally I planned to keep whatever guitar I got until I moved back home and then sell it, but this one I think I'm going to keep.

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thats in REALLY good condition for a guitar from the 70s if it is one. But great find anyways, congrats!
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Congratulations, I have never heard of the guitar before but if it works for you, 125 is a good deal
congrats - the only one i found was selling for $350. btw, it seems - and i could be wrong - that the guitar was probably made in 1973. looks to be in very good shape.