Hey im working on a Progressive metal song, Im hoping for it to be a long one but im currently stuck at the 4 minute mark in need of ideas.

Theres no concept for the song yet as lyrics arent done, but if you could check out the music so far and tell me what you think that would be great, thanks.

I am going for a Dream Theater/Symphony X vibe

It is on my profile as Unfinished Epic.
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I think it was awesome! What i'd say to do though, this is just me, is that at the part at 1:45, you have this drum riff that repeats 3 or 4 times, and it does dun dun dun dun, in time with the guitar? I think you could do something cool there with the drums if you mix up the beginning of the riff each repeat, and have the drums built up to the part at 2:00 when the song changes.

Sorry I dont know if Im being very clear or helpful, and I realize you were probably looking for guitar related CC more

anways really cool
Haha thanks, that's great, since its just me working on the songs its great to get feedback on how to improve the drums and everything.

I take it you mean start with just the bass drum, then maybe add snare, then up the rhythm to something more full?

Glad you liked it.
Yeah I did a quick mock up in fl studio for you, I dont play drums and its kinda out of context without the guitar, but hopefully you can get some ideas from it. That drum line is really the only part that stood out just because it stands out and repeats 4 times

lemme figure out how to upload it

EDIT: Ok its on my profile, i hope it helps, keep in mind its a 5 minute job :P
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Hey, I listened to the drum part uploaded on your profile, and that idea sounds awesome, I will definatly use it
it sounds real good man. keep it up. its tuff **** to do when ur by urself.
check out my band. no lyrics yet but needs feedback. the songs up on my page. please leave comments
Sounds gooood. If I'd have to whine about something:
-The drums don't fit in with the intro very well (less stuff)
-The lead guitar is too loud
-I wasn't too keen on the solos (that's just me)

But I loove the thrashy riffing!

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. The song is currently at the 8 minute mark with new sections added.

I'll get to the crit now