ok so i was screwing around and i found a pretty cool sounding riff (it sounds better live then on tux) but that beside the point how would i make a chorus and im not even sure if the verse would work as a verse if so can someone maybe discuss the thery behind great verses and chorus is on live or yahoo all work for me

my yahoo is threedaysgraceroxs@yahoo.com
msn jphamlett@live.com

anyways heres the riff
intro and verse.gp5
intro and verse.mid
No offense, but its kinda generic :/

Anywho... Most people say a chorus needs to be memorable, and this is true, though with mainstream music (such as 3DG, which I derived from your email ) The Chorus is usually memorable because of some catchy lyrics, and likewise, alot of choruses in more mainstream rock and such is fairly repetive, usually utilizing powerchords and 8th notes... Here's an example of a chorus that, I think, fits your Intro and Verse.

P.S. I'm not the greatest songwriter, so don't take my word as gospel. It's merely my two cents, one of the site's resident shred gods will be here shortly to give you their version and make me look like a noob.