The rp90 says it emulates the digitech whammy, is this just tuhe one octave down setting of the digitech whammy, or a different setting, or more than one? I only need the one octave down setting for it, but i know multi effects arent as good as single effects, and i'm always catious with things that model somthing else beause of spiders, but will the rp90 suit what i need?
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I personally think Rps suck. You will probably be dissapointed with them. Go straight for your whammy You KNOW that has what you want atleast
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I had a friend who was obsessed with RPs....He used to want to plug them straight into the mixer. I can't stand them when put up against the pedals they try to emulate. If you're a bear about tone, don't go with the RP. Go with the Whammy.
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