It seems like a decent deal on a guitar. I played the solid body SE and although it was nice for that price, I felt like it wasn't quite right. My band has a lot of U2, Angels and Airwaves, Kings of Leon (sounds like in Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, etc.) influence going on, besides our singer's love for raw, singer/songwriter acoustic music. We also have a distorted rock vibe (ala alt/rock, punky kind of stuff). So would it be a good match for the lots of delay and reverb kind of tones? I like my tones bright, but warm and smooth as well. We use lots of cleans obviously, but also play overdriven tones (think U2 and Angels and Airwaves then turned a notch for a Switchfoot/lighter Flyleaf kind of vibe). Would it handle all of that?
No responses or suggestions? Feel free to point me in another direction. Try keep it under $800 though.
Well, have a look at Ibanez Artcores as well; I've never been keen on PRSs, but I like the Artcores.

(By the way, if your doing acousticy stuff, get an acoustic, semi acoustics don't really work like that if thats what you mean)
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i'd say it's a good match. i would try to play one though, just to make sure that the pickups won't hum too badly with the amount of gain you want to use. besides high gain, it should do pretty much everything else really well. the only Korean made PRS's i've played were great. but i've heard dodgy things about some of the quality control.

plus the guitar you're looking at has the option of humbuckers OR p90s, so you're definitely going to find what you like!
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It's the best selling PRS SE in our store. Very good guitars, they recently dropped to $499 and some stores will knock a nice chunk off that. You would have to spend over $800 to get anything new of equal quality. Try one, I personally like these guitars for what you want to do. Also, they are light as heck so there is the added comfort factor on top of tone and being eye candy. good luck.
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Well the Nothing is Sound album by Switchfoot is the highest amount of gain I would use. Like I said, I liked the solid body version, but it just wasn't quite right. I'll definitely try it out, because I'm definitely liking it a lot.