Arpeggios are the notes of a chord played played all by themselves acsending or descending.
The C major chord is made up of the notes C-E-G. If you play them all at the same time it's a chord, but if you play them separately, in a descending or ascending order, they make an arpeggio.

An arpeggio is a a chord with the notes played separately.

      E   E   E   E   E   E    

The above is a two octave arpeggio the notes in order are: C-E-G-C-E-G

And the example below is a C Major triad


To say it again, an arpeggio is a chord with the notes played ascending or descending.

EDIT: And they aren't just sweep picked. You can tap an arpeggio or you can use string skipping or some other technique.
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The notes of a chord played seperately:
e.g. C major chord would be C, E, G played simultaneously. A C major arpeggio would be playing, C, then E, and then G.
You do not, however, have to play the notes in the same order as they appear in the chord or even on different strings (doesn't HAVE to be sweeped). You could play E, C, G or G, C, E or C, G, E or any combination you can think of and they would all still be C major arpeggios.
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Basically a chord, but you sweep it.


They do not have to be swept. They can be string skipped, played like a scale etc..
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They do not have to be swept. They can be string skipped, played like a scale etc..

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