Well hello bass forum, I hope you are right and well. But let's cut the chase shall we? so Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my YAMAHA RBX 775


35" maple neck with 24 fret rosewood fretboard
Sculped alder body
Gotoh style mini tuners
mono rail bridge
active electronics
Knobs: Volume, Tone
Pickup Selector
Switch to boost the mids
Alnico Pickups
Also is made of win


It's one of the best basses I own (I have a Schecter Stiletto Custom 5, Ibanez Sr506 and Ibanez btb 200) I love it because it was my first high class bass and also my first 5er, I strung it with Daddario Pro Steel heavy gauge, one of the best feaure of this bass is the Switch which boost the mids because it gives me punch on the sound, it works wonderfully in slap and also tapping, the bass is with me since summer 2006 and it doesn't go out of tune.

when I use this bass with the SABDDI it sounds a lot like Juan Alderete mix with Chris Squire

Also one of the features is the pickup selector switch which is not very common in bass guitar, and IMO is better than a pickup blend knob.


the big downfall of the bass is that when the string loose their sound, the bass sounds really muddy, like a Tbird perhaps, the other thing that puts me down about this bass is that Yamaha doesn't make more of this babies.

So this is my BOTM hope you like it =D

moar pics

Stickied! Nice bass. Are there any soundclips on your profile? Is this the winning bass of the Bass Wars fame?
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Why do you like pickup selectors as opposed to blend knobs?

A selector (in my opinion anyway) makes it easier to find a good tone as opposed to sitting there trying to find the right mix. Separate volume knobs for each pickup are a little better but still something I dislike because I don't like messing around with knobs very much.
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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to tam: yes with these bass I wrote Biosphere 1 and 2, Something bassic, If we believe, etc

to Fionrudah: like cal said before its more comfortable to find the tone you need

also the bass look shiny due to the flash but it also change of colour tone depending on the light of the room
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i have a 375
great instrument for its price, though lacking a metal tone...
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Also is made of win

Oh really? Where could I buy some of that?



But I have to say, that's an interesting color, sounded great in Bass Wars and does seem rather awesome. Nice bass!
yamaha represent? never too fond of yamahas too much they are usually never the best of any instrument but usually a good buy in the lower mid range quality provided you did not pay too much for it
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That is a really nice looking yammy.

What are they like in comparison to Ibanez? I find Ibanez very clinical sounding and was wondering whether the yamaha is similar?

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That is a really nice looking yammy.

What are they like in comparison to Ibanez? I find Ibanez very clinical sounding and was wondering whether the yamaha is similar?


its a different sound, this one has a very great botton end while my Ibanezes XD has a more bright sound, in the song "If we Believe" I played it with the Yamaha if you want a soundclip