I wrote this in about 15 minutes, sorry if it isn't the greatest, I'm not in the most inspired mood right now, kind of tired

It's from the point of view of a man who was rejected by his previous love because she gradually wanted to just be friends, but he wanted to keep what they had, and realizing that she no longer loved him he in time also lost his love for her, and realizing that he had lived many years of his life just to love her and that he no longer had a purpose, planned to take his life. It's basically a suicide note to said girl. I plan to eventually expand on it.


I cant seem to recall that unusual flinch,
As if my heart had been firmly pinched

That flinch I felt when I gazed at you.

For many years it was nothing new,
Just something I had known as true
But lately I have lost the spark

The spark I got from seeing you.

I've always seen it as a scar
Something which had been close, and far
But now to live without that jolt
It's like my soul was rent in two.

Please hear me out, I've got no time
To perfect my meager rhyme
And always know how you made me feel
Because your hell will soon become real
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didn't like the last couple of lines but the rest of it is pretty cool
you should add to it good start.