So I was looking through the stickys after a couple of long stretches caused my fretting hand to hurt to see if it was my posture that was creating the pain but for some of the stretches there is no way I can (that I can think of) that I can have good posture and do the stretches.

For example doing this chord


tends to get my thumb at not such a good place, it seems to be more under the neck and pressed in a bit. Is that just what happens with these stretches and I need to build up flexibility or is it something to do with posture and left hand technique?

Similar things also happen stretching from the 1 to the 5 or the 3 to the 7 although those are different because i'd be barreing the 1 or the 3 and then playing the higher notes while still holding the barre.
Angle your wrist more.

Also, when I do long stretches (which for me is 5 frets or more, since I have a 6-7 fret span on the lower frets), my thumb goes a little sideways. It doesn't hold me back at all.
That's not really that much of a stretch....infact, i wouldn't class that as a stretch at all because it's only 4 frets apart...do you use your pinky? Or are you trying to stretch with your 3rd finger?

Look up videos on youtube on guitar playing posture.

Edit; ahh, it says 6, not 8....ignore the bit about 4 frets apart....listen to everything else
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I'm confused. What do you mean by "more under the neck"?

You should be playing chords like that with your thumb behind the neck, are you doing this?

Next, when I stretch my thumb moves to a position that is closer to my little finger than normal (i.e. not under my first and second fingers, but further up the neck).

Do you have a photo/video of your posture? Where is your hand when you play normally?

...and yes, if it hurts, your posture and hand position is bad. The pain is caused by the awkward position and the way you are pushing in. The actual stretch should come from your fingers (not your arm or your hand moving!).
I was a bit unclear when I typed that up last night.

The stretch isn't a hard one but the way my fingers are positioned when I do it cause my thumb to be like this

generally my thumb is straighter and around the middle of the back of the neck, its when i do weird things or longer stretches that it changes position to that of the image.
Curve your fingers more, flatten out your thumb so it points toward the headstock area, let it rest slightly under the thickest point of the neck