Well, this year I got into High School and the parents are making me join the Jazz band. It isnt too bad especially because I get to use this SWEET GUITAR. I dont own the guitar but I guess it technically counts seeing as I will be using this bad boy for the next 4 years. So here she is.

Sorry if the pics are bad quality. I took em' with my phone.
The guitar is an Epiphone Joe Pass signature guitar. It sounds awesome and plays pretty good. A little bit of high fret buzz but I dont play up there often because of the Jazz music.
Not too bad looking but the resonance is suffering thanks to that foam under the bridge. Also, if you do it right, you'll be playing the upper registers plenty.
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that is a sweet lookin guitar dude. i used my V in jazz lab >.<
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Nice. I wanna try it out badly man.
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Awesome! HNGD! Jazz is really a great thing to get into, it will make you a much smarter musician if you really analyze it.
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