Let me start with that i am new to these forums so i apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place.

Well today i went to a couple pawn shops and one specific guitar really stuck out to me today. It looked like it was a knock off of Steve Vai's Ibanez. I had M'Guitars on the headstock. I took a couple pictures of it. He wanted 90 USD.

is this a piece of junk, or does it have some nice potential?
it's a JEM but I couldn't tell anymore. Some of the younger shredder/metal players here will be able to identify this one I'm sure.
Moving on.....
yeah its probally just a knock off JEM model but hell if it plays nice and sounds good 90 bucks is a steal
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bear in mind it wasn`t vai or ibanez that introduced the monkey grip, the 1st guitar to feature the monkey grip was a washburn.

also the guitar doesn`t pretend to be a real ibanez jem, for that reason i say it`s a copy not a fake.

it`s just a budget guitar that some one has put a out of proportion monkey grip on.