hey guys,

Ive been looking into 2x12 cabs for a little while and im just about sick of it haha. anyway im looking for some speaker suggestions (celestion or Eminence) as i think i might be getting a custom avatar cab. I play Alternative/Indie/rock type music. i know thats a broad genre but oh well. I was looking at some of the hellatones that avatar makes. also the emminence private jack and the governers looked pretty good to me. I also want the cab to be somewhere around 100 watts. give me your suggestions.


A couple V30's............i just picked a WGS Green Beret (green back copy) and the tone and Quality of WGS speakers are as good (possibly Better than the newer celestion's) as the celestion's i own.
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^ Agree I just got a Warehouse Veteran 30 (Vintage 30 clone) and have to say it sounds great. Does not have that mid spike and was half the price of a celestion.
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Im a fan of Eminence myself, but V30's are an industry standard. You really cant go wrong with V30's. But, you could try a pair of Black Widows.
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