I bought a pretty quality used acoustic guitar (ironic no?) and I didn't mind the few scratch's on it when I first bought it, it sounded great.

Sometimes though, when I turn around or need to head down a narrow hallway I'll turn and accidentally bump the body of the guitar against the wall. Not very hard, but it sounded like it hit pretty hard.

Is it something I should be worried about? It's happened to me twice going down one hallway. To be honest, it doesn't really sound any different, but I just can't get peace of mind out of this.
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Don't worry about it. Everyone bumps their guitar against something every once in a while. If nothing drops off, and the guitar sounds fine, you're probably alright.
a week after i bought my acoustic i dropped it on the floor twice in the span of like ....10 minutes.

It made a loud noise too, I didn't find any scratches on it and it actually sounded better than ever.

If anything, knocking your guitar against the wall will probably benefit it's sound. I'd suggest you roll over it with a steamroller, who knows, it might make your guitar sing?
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Well... just dont try to do it? It's impossible to evaluate any possible damage using an internet forum.
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Well, It's not really good for you to hit your guitar off of anything...but accidentally hitting it off of a wall once in a while won't kill it (unless you're like the incredible hulk). You should be all set though...just try to be careful.
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No, you should be fine. I've had my acoustic for over a year and a half and I've dropped it, scratched it, bumped it, and all sorts of things to it. It's covered in battle scars, but it still sounds fine when I play it and it still feels comfortable. I do wish it had a different finish, but that's not too big of a deal.
Well it,s a habbit you don,t want to get into, but you havn,t done damage yet!!!!!!!! but if you do you will know ! try to put your AXE down when going for a stroll
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Should I be worried about bumping my guitar into the wall?

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You're good. No worries. I mean, try not to do it of course, but like obeythepenguin said, the only reason it sounds like you hit it really hard is your acoustic is amplifying the sound of the hit.
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I swear, when i get a new guitar and i'm trying to be carefull. I bump it into things twice as much.

I'm kinda relieved once it's had a few scrapes. stops my paranoia.

Bumping a guitar is annoying, and the amplified sound doesn't help. It's just one of those things though i guess. It's gunna happen at the end of the day.

Aslong as you 'aint bumping it too hard it should be fine though.

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