i notice people really like train tracks or the woods, but the woods kinda reminds me of a low-budget metal band.

where would be some awesome places to take these pictures? how'd yours go?

im thinking either top of a building, in front of an amp, or on the Yellow Submarine statue a few towns away. i think it might be brown now from all the rust tho.

giv me somethin unique. i want my relatives i dont know to be like "o look, thats a ****ing awesome picture, lets put it on our fridge so people think we have cool family!" instead of "WTF is this! u never call or send Christmas cards, and now u send us a picture of ur kid! the ****?"
naked photos. are. a. must. then send them to your grandparents.
But accidentally screw up the address.
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Hey! Now you can molest you're grandma and she won't remember! Score!!!

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Find a sunfish statue and climb into its mouth and pretend its eating you.

No, seriously. My town has a giant sunfish statue.
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I like the top of the building idea. Make sure you have an awesome view behind you though. Maybe an explosion. Or a spaceship from independence day.
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That'd be cool to do on a building, I'd do it if there was anything remotely close to a city where I live. I'm going to wait until there's snow on the ground for mine.
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